Bounce is a chat website

It's a bit different though — you can earn money here.

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Alternatively, you might want to pay someone to chat.


Presumably, one side has expertise in something (the pro), and the other side is interested in chatting about said expertise.

Expertise is loosely defined. It could be Javascript, Cooking, Meteorology, Comedy.


Pros set a per-minute rate, and you pay a few bucks for a quick chat. There's no time minimum, come and go as you please.


Aren't there free resources to learn and chat about things? Yep, and they're great - forums, youtube, reddit, twitter, etc.

But the main thesis of Bounce is that communicating directly with another person can be more valuable than passive learning (i.e. watching youtube).

You can ask dumb questions, smart questions, specific questions, complain, drift on tangents, etc.

And also - knowledge is worth something, and people will gladly pay a little for it.

Who are the Pros?

Just regular people who know things others will pay for. Maybe you?

Create a Pro account and you could be getting paid in a few minutes.

Pros have total flexibility — come online whenever — there are no time commitments.

How much can I earn? How much do I pay?

What's unique is that Bounce is affordable for fans/students while also being lucrative for pros. This is because pros can have multiple chats in parallel.

Here's a quick chart that illustrates how low rates can yield sizable earnings.

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