The Good News

It’s easier than ever to learn things on your own — blogs, online courses, tutorials, youtube, forums …

The Bad News

Learning things is still hard.

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We need other things. One of those things is actual humans.

We can chat with them — complain, commiserate, ask dumb questions, ask smart questions.

Ideally, we’d have friends who knew all the things we were trying to learn, but most of us aren’t so lucky.

And even if we did, we'd wear out our welcome in no time.


Bounce connects people who know things, with people who want to learn those things, in real time, 24/7.

Essentially, a smart friend who’s available on speed-dial.

How it works

All communication happens over live chat. Chat for as long or as little as you’d like.

Teachers set their rates, and students pay a few bucks for a quick chat. There’s no time minimum, come and go as you please.

So who are the teachers? Just regular people who know things — maybe you!

What subjects are available? For now, there’s a mixture of academic, programming, creative, and professional subjects (full list here) with plans to expand to whatever people want to teach and learn.

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