Brooklyn, NY

HTML/CSS Ruby Javascript Ruby on Rails Algebra Algebra II Geometry Trigonometry Pre-Calculus SAT/ACT Math

I’m a web developer — I actually built the website you’re looking at right now with a friend. Hope it’s working ok 😬.

I’ve also worked as a math tutor.

Web Development

The stack for Bounce includes:

- Ruby on Rails (including Turbolinks, Action Cable)
- Javascript (Vanilla, Stimulus JS)
- Stripe
- Deployed on Heroku with Redis, Sidekiq, and Postgres

I’ve written about aspects of the dev process for Bounce on my blog.

So if you’re just getting started in any of these subjects, I can probably help!

Here’s a link to some other web projects I’ve built:

I’ve also taught math to high school and middle school students. I studied engineering in college (but that was awhile ago 🌚 ).

So basically anything Calculus and below I can help.